3 Tips for Getting Out Hard Water Stains on Windows

Even if you put in a lot of elbow grease, it can feel impossible to get rid of the hard water stains that have built up on your windows. Not only do hard water stains look bad, but they can also dull the glass and decrease the lifespan of your windows.

If you want to get rid of the hard water stains and prevent them from coming back, then it’s time to call us for residential window cleaning in Temecula. These services are an excellent investment, especially when you can consider how window cleaning can extend the lifespan of your windows by years.3 Tips for Getting Out Hard Water Stains on Windows

Why Hard Water Stains Happen

When the glass gets wet, then the salt in the wind can start to scratch the surface. Additionally, hard water buildup can also happen because of the minerals in the hoses or sprinklers. The water hits the glass, then the moisture evaporates and leaves the minerals behind. These deposits literally stick to the glass and are visible to the naked eye.

What To Do About Hard Water Stains

Here are a few proven tips from our expert window cleaning team to help with your hard water stains:

  • Prevention Goes a Long Way: If hard water is a problem, don’t wait for the windows to look bad before calling residential window cleaners in Temecula. When the minerals sit on the glass, it can actually cause permanent damage over time (even if you can’t see the buildup). Instead, maintain a schedule of regular window cleaning services to prevent these issues.
  • Professional Equipment and Cleaners: A little bit of Windex and a handful of paper towels isn’t going to be sufficient to get rid of these hard water stains. You need professional equipment that is designed to lift the mineral deposits without damaging the glass. Additionally, these pro tools can access hard-to-reach places, giving you optimal cleaning results.
  • Spot Treatments with Vinegar: Do you want to spot-clean the windows between professional cleaning appointments? Then make a mixture of 1-part white vinegar and 1-part water. The acidity in the vinegar breaks down the minerals and makes it easier to remove the stains.

Be careful: never try to scrape away at the hard water deposits to force the minerals to come off. There is a high risk that you will damage the glass in the process. The only way to get rid of these stains is by using the right cleaning solutions and tools, so the minerals wipe away with ease.

Call the Expert Residential Window Cleaners in Temecula

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