Residential Window Cleaning


Let the Sunshine In!

Many local providers offer residential window cleaning in Temecula and surrounding areas, but the quality of service varies depending on the company you choose. Anyone can clean a window – it takes a professional to leave a streak-free and spotless shine.

If you are searching for help with residential window cleaning, then Pozitive Enterprises is the team to call. We promise top-notch services and beautiful results. Squeaky clean, shining windows in your home.

Whether you need a quick exterior cleanup or looking for full-service solutions, we are here to help. Not only do we offer residential window cleaning, but we also can include window screen cleaning and repair, window track cleaning, hard water removal, solar panel cleaning, and more in the services we provide for you at your appointment. We have you covered, with everything required to make your windows sparkle. 


More Than Just Window Cleaners

One of the benefits of hiring Pozitive Enterprises is that we are always on time or early. No matter the size of your home, we can improve the appearance and cleanliness with window cleaning services. Our services are available for everything from small apartments to large, luxury homes – and everything in between.

We give your glass surfaces a refresh, which translates into that good “vibe” and a clean, healthy appearance. Available Services Include: 

An Added Bonus!

we Can Clean Your Blinds!

In conjunction with indoor window cleaning in Temecula and Murrieta, Pozitive Enterprises can also clean your blinds! Blinds collect dust particles and pollen. As blinds are opened and closed on a daily basis, those elements can become dislodged and begin circulating into the air, triggering allergies and other unwanted effects on your family.

We are equipped to safely remove faux wood blinds from their tracks and guarantee a deep clean to eliminate those factors that cause allergies. We can also clean your white vinyl plantation shutters. We clean your blinds on site so there is no wait time.


Residential Window Cleaners

Windows are a layer of protection for your home, helping to protect your family from the various weather patterns throughout the year. Unfortunately, as the wind blows and the rain comes down, it’s normal for visible dirt and grime to build on the windows.

Not only are dirty windows unsightly, but procrastinating window cleaning services can also lead to bigger issues down the road, like having to replace your window. Don’t let the dirt build up to the point where it is too difficult to remove. Instead, add window cleaning to your regular home maintenance list.

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