Deck the Halls: A Holiday Guide to Screen Cleaning and Repair

Screen Cleaning and RepairDo you want the gift of deep cleaning inside and outside of your home? The best way to relax during the holiday season is to ensure that your home is clean. Even though it’s a busy time of year, many homeowners agree that it’s worth the effort to do a bit of cleaning so the living space sparkles this month.

As you are preparing for guests to arrive this season, you likely have a long to-do list that needs to be addressed. It takes time and effort to clean the bathrooms, scrub the kitchen, clean the windows, and change the sheets in the guest bedroom. But you’ll be glad that you put in the effort to ensure that everyone is comfortable in your home while they are visiting.

Don’t Forget About Window Screen Cleaning

If you want to put in the extra effort to make sure your home looks great, then it makes sense to clean the window screens while you are cleaning the windows. The glass will quickly get dirty again if you put dirty screens back over your clean windows.

The truth is that window screens often collect a variety of particles, including dirt, dust, pollen, and more. These particles get trapped in the screens, and can be blown onto the surface of your windows. Not only does window screen cleaning in Temecula improve the appearance of your home, but clean screens can also help you avoid issues with mold and other serious problems.

At the same time, window screen repair in Temecula often goes hand-in-hand with screen cleaning. You can “hit two birds with one stone” by cleaning the screens and repairing any visible damage simultaneously.

Window Screen Cleaning Tips

Follow these best practices for cleaning your window screens effectively:

  • Remove the Screens: The easy solution for cleaning your screens thoroughly is by removing them. Place them on the lawn where you can wash them with the hose and other equipment.
  • Use the Right Equipment: After rinsing the screens with water, use soft-bristled brushes and rags to wipe down the screens and frames. An old toothbrush can be a great way to get into the cracks and crevices.
  • Dry Thoroughly: Before putting the screens back in place, make sure that you are proactive about allowing the screens to dry thoroughly. For example, consider leaving them in the sun or placing them in the garage overnight to dry.
  • Repair Damaged Screens: Even small areas of damage can lead to bigger problems in the future. So, proactively repair damaged areas to prevent the need to replace the entire screen later on.

Call the Screen Cleaning and Repair Experts

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