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Window Screen Repair in Temecula

Reliable Screen Cleaning and Repair Throughout the Temecula Valley

Don’t Neglect Your Window Screens!

Are dirty and broken screens dragging down the curb appeal on your home? Not only does the wear-and-tear look terrible, but dirty and damaged screens can also be a possible health hazard for your and your loved ones.

At Pozitive Enterprises, we offer full-service solutions to make your screens look as good as new. Reach out to our team to learn more about the range of options, including screen repair, replacement and installation in Temecula and surrounding areas.

Stop looking at dirty, torn screens every day. If it’s time to update the screens, call us today to learn more about our available services. Here is an overview to help you understand more about your options.

Screen Repair and Replacement

Beautiful Screens to Complement Your Clean Windows

The heat of the summer and changing weather patterns throughout the year can cause screens to get dirty, warped, and damaged. Even if you have high-quality screens installed in your home, the wear and tear can start to show over time.

Take a look at your screens to see if it’s time for repair services. You might notice distortion on the screens frame because of the heat expansion and warping that happens when the materials contract again. Eventually, it leads to fraying and tears, which continue ripping into bigger holes.

Even the smallest holes are entry points because bugs can find their way through any opening. Additionally, rodents and birds might chew on the screens causing damage. Pets can also cause damage to your screen. If you have pets, definitely request our most durable pet screen.

Not only will screen repair keep the pests away, but you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the aesthetic appeal of your home. So talk to us at Pozitive Enterprises to repair a few screens, a sliding door screen, or all the screens in your home. Our goal is to improve not only the function and appearance of your screens, but also the health of your family by breathing in fresh clean air through your screens.

Solving All of Your Screen Issues

Custom Screen Replacement and
Installation in Temecula

Some homeowners mistakenly think that they can manage screen installation as a DIY project. But there are a variety of factors that can affect the quality and outcome of this installation. You need to have knowledge and experience to understand all of the specifics.

When you hire our professional team to assist with screen installation, you receive a truly customized experience. We take the time to understand your preferences, measure the windows, and provide recommendations to make your home look as nice as possible.

You will be enjoying these screens for many years, so it makes sense to invest in quality products for your home. Not only do you deserve durable materials, but the performance of these screens will also depend on the quality of installation. At Pozitive Enterprises, we can customize window and door screens to your specifications, with a fast turnaround time on every project.

Situations Needing Custom Screen Repair or Installation:

  • Screens damaged beyond repair

  • The desire for upgraded screens

  • Screen installation for new construction

  • Custom window size

  • Unique window shape (round, oval, etc.)

  • Custom size for patio/sliding door

  • New screen door installation

  • Custom frame materials needed

  • Custom mesh materials needed

  • Unique features such as a pet door

Types of Screens We Offer

In most cases, our Standard Screen Mesh fits the needs of homeowners.
However, we also offer Pet Screen Mesh and Solar Screen Mesh.

We can install, repair, replace or clean any of these screen types and all are warrantied.  Please contact us for specific details on warranty and pricing.

Enjoy the Temecula Weather

Temecula and surrounding areas are an oasis in Southern California, with an appealing climate that allows you to enjoy open windows. It feels nice to bring fresh air into your home, but you don’t want to invite insects and other critters into the house by opening the windows without quality screens.

Quality screens give you access to enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather inside your living space. Whether you are spending time inside to work at home or raise a family, opening the windows is an excellent way to make your living space more comfortable. You can cool down the house and freshen the air at the same time.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Choosing a Screen Repair Service in Temecula

You know that the screens need to be repaired and serviced, but how do you choose a provider to assist with these home improvement projects? First, make sure you are hiring a screen repair, replacement, and installation company in Temecula with a good reputation.

At Pozitive Enterprises, customer service is always our highest priority. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best for each homeowner. Not only do we source materials from the best manufacturers, but our professionals are highly trained in the most critical skills to ensure excellence for every installation.

When you reach out to us, we will schedule a consultation to discuss your project. We design screen repair and installation services around your unique needs to ensure we always meet or exceed your expectations. In addition, we understand the local weather patterns and have proprietary systems in place to deliver excellent results for each installation.

Free Estimate for Screen Repair, Replacement, or
Installation in the Temecula Valley

Our knowledgeable team is just a phone call away when you need more information about available services. We work with each homeowner to identify the correct screen products.

Not only do we offer repair and installation recommendations, but we always take the time to talk to homeowners about available options. As you learn more about the industry, this information empowers you to make the optimal decisions for your home improvement projects.
We cover every aspect of the project during your free no-obligation estimate. You will see that our prices are competitive for the top-notch products that we offer.

Screen repair, replacement, and installation are our specialties.