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Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula

It’s an excellent investment to have access to clean energy for your home through a solar panel system. But are you maximizing the available power through these panels? It’s estimated that solar panels can be 25% less effective when the surfaces are dirty.

Over time, solar panels can build up dirt and grime, which has an impact on the way the sunlight hits the panels. So, it’s a good idea to consider solar panel cleaning services in Temecula, CA, to ensure you are optimizing energy throughout the year.

When was the last time you cleaned your solar panels? If it’s been a while, give us a call at Pozitive Enterprises for more information about pricing and availability.

Solar Panels Get Dirtier Than You Think!

Attracting Dirt, Grime, and More

Inspect your solar panels, and you might see various things blocking the sunlight: grime, dirt, bird droppings, leaves, and more. Not only are dirty solar panels unsightly, but the dirt also takes a toll on the energy efficiency of your home and can cause damage to your panels.

Over time, buildup continues to collect, making it harder to clean in the future. If you want to stay ahead of the mess, the best solution is to schedule regular solar panel cleaning. Keeping your solar panels clean means that you don’t have to worry about reduced efficiency or poor performance of your solar power system. You spent a lot of money on installation, which is why it makes sense to keep it running at peak performance!

FAQ’s Regarding Solar Panel Cleaning

Here are a few of the most common questions you might be asking:

Yes, Pozitive Enterprises can help with projects of all sizes. Get in touch with our team to learn more about pricing and available services.
The frequency depends on your personal preference and how environmental factors affect the wear and tear on panels. However, a common recommendation is to clean solar panels 2 – 4 times per year.
In Southern California, we have enough sun throughout the year. Therefore, the ideal time to clean solar panels is between seasonal changes – either spring or fall (or both).
At first glance, it might seem like your solar panels are clean. But the distance and angle in which you are looking can be deceiving. A closer inspection will show the buildup that needs to be cleaned, including dust, dirt, bird droppings, etc.
Hire a licensed and insured cleaning company to ensure proper techniques are used, so you don’t void the warranty. In fact, some solar system warranties require that you are consistent with cleaning and maintenance to keep the warranty active.
There are several considerations to protect your solar panels during the cleaning process. For example, using professional cleaning solutions helps to remove dirt and grime. Then, we rinse the panels thoroughly with pure water (0 TDS) to leave you with a spot-free finish.

Solar Panel Cleaning: Factors to Consider

Solar panels require specialized care to avoid damage to the sensitive equipment inside. At Pozitive Enterprises, we have the training, tools, and expertise to clean your solar panels and prevent damage to this valuable system. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth the cost to hire a professional team for solar panel cleaning in Temecula, CA, and surrounding areas:

Free Estimate for
Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula, CA

How much will it cost to hire professionals to help with solar panel cleaning services? It depends on the number of solar panels you have, the current quality of the system, and how easy it is to access the panels that need to be cleaned.

Each home is unique, which is why we offer a personalized estimate for every project. Reach out to us at Pozitive Enterprises to request an estimate so you can learn more about the anticipated costs for the project.

When you are ready for information about solar panel cleaning in Temecula, CA, or surrounding areas, we invite you to reach out to us at Pozitive Enterprises. We’re happy to answer your questions and offer a free quote for the services you need.