4 Reasons to Keep Your Windows Clean

Washing your windows regularly can add to curb appeal as well as increase enjoyment of your home. Everyone enjoys a clean, clear window. But you might be surprised to learn that there are other reasons to keep your windows clean, such as…

Preserve energy efficiency. When dirt, dust, pollen, and other substances build up on your windows, less sunlight can enter your home. You might be surprised at how much warmth simple sunlight adds to your home during the cooler months! Keeping the windows clear of a grimy film allows you to maximize that benefit.

Improve air quality. Any time you burn candles, light incense, light your fireplace, or cook in your home, certain chemicals can be released. Along with dust and other grime, these substances can cling to your windows and contribute to lower air quality in your home. Removing dirt from windows is just another part of removing potentially harmful substances from your environment, keeping the air clean and contributing to better health.

Prevent damage to your windows. As dirt and other substances accumulate on your windows, these can actually be absorbed into the pores of the glass. From that point, windows can be permanently stained and damaged. Some substances can even corrode or scratch the glass.

But window cleaning isn’t all about the glass. Taking care to remove accumulated gunk from the tracks allows your windows to raise and lower smoothly, and prevent the need for replacement in the near future.

Boost your curb appeal, and pass the “white glove test”. Whether you’re considering selling your home in the future, or just want to impress guests, sparkling clean windows are one of the top ways to keep your home in tip top shape. Everyone notices gloomy, grimy windows… But they also notice bright and tidy ones.

For more information on cleaning your windows, give us a call. We can show you how a professional window cleaning job makes an enormous difference to the beauty of your home.