When did you last clean your windows? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long!

You probably know that windows need to be cleaned eventually. But window cleaning is one of those tasks that we always put off until tomorrow… But before you know it, it’s “tomorrow”, and you’re procrastinating again.

We understand. Even though cleaning your windows is important, both to protect your investment and preserve a clear view, it doesn’t always seem like the most pressing chore. There’s always something else that seems more urgent. But it really is important to include window cleaning in your regular chore rotation. The frequency of those cleanings, however, will depend upon a few different factors.

For business owners, monthly window cleaning is imperative. It’s a simple fact of life that people judge by appearances, and dirty windows certainly don’t contribute to a professional ambiance. From the exterior of your business to the view from the lobby, pristine, sparkling windows will help you give the right impression.

For homeowners, timelines for window cleaning can be a bit more flexible. Those with sleek, modern homes featuring large picture windows might still wish to maintain a monthly cleaning schedule. For most homeowners, however, cleaning windows one to four times per year is adequate.

Certain factors might contribute to a need for quarterly, seasonal cleanings:

  • You live in a city that experiences heavy smog and dust
  • You live in a heavily wooded area, with many trees close to the home
  • You live near the ocean, and salt deposits show up on your windows
  • Kitchen windows become greasy quickly, due to your cooking habits
  • Children and pets just won’t leave the windows alone
  • You entertain frequently and feel concerned with making a good impression
  • Your home is listed for sale, and realtors frequently bring prospective buyers for a tour

In the above circumstances, you might wish to clean your windows every three months. Otherwise, many homeowners find every six to twelve months to be sufficient.

So, has it been too long since you’ve cleaned your windows? No worries! Give us a call and we’ll provide you with professional window cleaning services, on whatever schedule you decide is best.