5 Things That Can Damage Windows (And How to Avoid Them)

Not only do damaged windows detract from your home’s visual appeal; they can also cost a pretty penny to repair. Plus, cracks and other types of damage can cause your electric bills to rise. Damaged windows are also easier for burglars to enter, making them a security risk in certain situations.

There are a number of things that can damage windows, but luckily you can sometimes take steps to protect them.

Weather events. Damage from storms can crack windows or even totally destroy them. While weather is uncontrollable, trimming tree limbs away from your home can reduce the odds of damage. Also, before big storms, put away any loose outdoor objects that can be launched into the air.

Misuse. Don’t open and close your windows more than necessary, and make sure to be gentle with them when you do. Slamming windows shut can loosen the frames over time, and removing screens too often can increase the risk of damage. When you paint around windows, make sure to use proper techniques to avoid painting them shut.

Time. Over time, simple wear and tear along with air pressure changes can eventually wear out your windows. No one can fight time, but do have a plan to replace older windows before they do too much damage to your electric bills.

Children. Parents know that children can often be the biggest cause of household damages! Make sure your children know not to throw objects in the house, and that they plat at a safe distance away from windows when outside. Maybe saving the golf equipment and baseball bats for the park is a good idea.

Improper window cleaning techniques. Never use razor blades, harsh abrasives, or too much force when cleaning your windows. If you need help achieving a sparkling clean look, contact us about professional window cleaning services. We can get your windows clean without risking damage, and give you more time to take care of other important tasks.