How to Clean Windows That Are Hard to Reach

Window cleaning might not be your favorite task, due to the amount of time and work it requires. But you know you need to do it regularly, in order to protect your windows and keep your home looking its best. But when those windows are hard to reach, it adds another complicated layer of stress to the task. How do you clean hard-to-reach windows? And can you even do it safely?

Remove the windows. If the angle makes it hard to clean windows, but you can otherwise reach them, removing them from the inside might be your best bet. Then you can clean the windows and simply re-install them when they’re finished and dry.

Access them from the roof. In some cases, windows might be best accessed from the roof. But beware that steep slopes and slippery conditions can be incredibly dangerous! The last thing you want to do is attempt to maintain your balance while working with water and soap. Some people find that lying down on their stomachs, and accessing the windows from above is their easiest option… But this method can still be dangerous.

Magnetic window cleaners. These tools seem like a good idea in theory. They use magnets to attach sponges on either side of the glass so that you can clean the outside of your windows from the inside. But in many cases the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold the sponges in place, and so the outside sponge repeatedly falls off. In other cases, the magnets actually scratch the glass. These tools should not be used unless you’re certain that they are the right ones for your particular windows.

Ladders. Using a ladder to access hard-to-reach locations can be a risky endeavor. You might find it difficult to balance on the ladder while cleaning the windows, and falls can be catastrophic.

Since cleaning hard-to-reach windows can be risky both to yourself and the windows, we don’t recommend attempting this task yourself. Call us, and let the professionals handle your more risky window cleaning jobs.