Do Not Forget to Clean Window Screens to Keep Windows Sparkling Longer

Looking through the windows of your home should give you a beautiful view of the world around you. But if the windows are accumulating dust and grime, it takes a toll on the views you can enjoy each day.

Cleaning your windows not only makes your home look better, but clean glass can have a positive impact on boosting your outlook on life! Creating a comfortable, uplifting environment for yourself and your family is important. A little bit of cleaning and maintenance goes a long way to making your home the ideal space to share with the people you love.Do Not Forget to Clean Window Screens to Keep Windows Sparkling Longer

Cleaning the Windows? Don’t Neglect the Screens!

Most homeowners find that the best schedule for window cleaning is twice a year. A proactive approach not only keeps the windows looking great but is also an important step to minimize wear and tear over time.

When investing time and money into window cleaning services, ensure that you also include screen cleaning as part of the package. In fact, industry experts would argue that screen cleaning is equally as crucial as window cleaning.

3 Benefits of Screen Cleaning

Here are a few of the main benefits you can expect when cleaning the screens on your home:

  1. Improve Air Quality: Do you like to open the windows when the weather is comfortable outside? When the breeze is blowing in through the screens, it’s possible that you are blowing dirty air through the house because of the dust and grime built up on the window screens. Cleaning the screens can minimize the things that are blowing through your home.
  2. Maximize Window Visibility: Even if your windows are sparkling clean, your views can be marred by dirty screens. For example, you wouldn’t showcase a beautiful painting behind a dirty display case. In the same way, cleaning the screens is essential so you can enjoy the most beautiful views from your windows.
  3. Longer Durability: Keeping the windows and window screens clean not only make your home look good, but these maintenance tasks also play a role in the durability of your windows. Bio-matter that builds up on the windows and screens can start to cause wear and tear over time. You might not notice it immediately, but the substances are acidic and take a toll on the durability of your materials.

Call the Window and Screen Cleaning Experts

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