Keep the Birds Away with These 3 Solar Panel Tips

Installing solar panels is an excellent investment because it offers ongoing energy to use in your home. Even though most solar panel systems require minimal maintenance, regular solar panel cleaning is one thing you can do to ensure optimal performance for many years to come.

One common issue that can affect the performance of your solar panels is if birds are nesting on or around the panels. Not only can the nesting cause damage to the equipment, but having a lot of birds in the area can cause unnecessary messes on the solar panels, impacting the performance of your system.

The problem is that solar panels tend to attract pigeons and other types of birds because the panels offer perfect nesting conditions. So, the birds come in and make themselves at home – which can cause quite a mess and require effort to remove.

3 Tips for Preventing Bird Issues Around Your Solar Panels

Keep the Birds Away with These 3 Solar Panel TipsHere are a few simple things you can do to stop the birds from nesting in the area and defecating on your solar panels:

  1. Bird Barriers: Adding small wire fencing materials around certain parts of the solar panels helps to seal the areas below the panels. Since the panels are less accessible, it reduces the likelihood of pigeons nesting there.  This is a service that we do provide, so contact us if you’d like to learn more about it.
  2. Spikes: You can add spikes on the roof and around the solar panels. These spikes are effective at deterring the birds.
  3. Overall Yard Conditions: Birds want to nest where easy food sources are available. They will be foraging around the yard. If you keep your yard clean and well-kept, then it minimizes the food sources and keeps the birds away. Even simple tasks like securing the garbage can lids and getting rid of bird feeders can make a difference.

Regular Solar Panel Cleaning

In addition to the three tips listed above, make sure you are proactive about regular cleaning sessions for your solar panels. Keeping the panels clean can stop potential bird issues in the earliest stages and maximize your solar system’s overall effectiveness.

These cleaning services are essential to remove the grime, bird droppings, and any other buildup that is blocking the sun’s rays from reaching your solar panels. In addition, when the surfaces are clean, it has a positive impact on the performance of each solar panel.

Pozitive Enterprises is here to help. We offer professional solar panel cleaning in Temecula and the surrounding areas, using safe and effective techniques to maintain your system. Instead of attempting a DIY solar panel cleaning project, it’s better to call the experts for assistance.

We invite you to contact us to discuss solar panel cleaning services. We also provide help with other home projects, including window cleaning, screen cleaning, bird barriers for solar panels, and screen repair: (951) 710-7044.