Avoid These Window Cleaning Mistakes

Whether working on seasonal cleaning projects or preparing your home for an upcoming event, make sure that window cleaning is high on your priority list. Clean, sparkling windows make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home!Avoid These Window Cleaning Mistakes

In fact, many people agree that windows are a focal point when people are looking from the outside or the inside. If you are looking for a way to give your home a boost, then consider the benefits of residential window cleaning in Temecula.

Common Window Cleaning Mistakes

You want your windows to look good, and it might seem simple to pull out a few window cleaning tools and put in a bit of elbow grease. Here are a few best practices to follow – dos and don’ts that will make a difference in the overall outcome:

  • Do Clean Both Sides: It doesn’t matter if you are starting by cleaning the inside or outside of the windows – the job isn’t done until both sides have been washed. If you clean the outside of the windows and neglect the insides, you’ll still have dust and dirt blocking your view. Make sure to hire a window cleaning crew that will finish the job by including both interior and exterior window cleaning.
  • Don’t Clean the Windows First: If you are working on other home cleaning projects, don’t make the mistake of cleaning the windows first. Other home cleaning services can cause the windows to get dirty. For example, painting, power washing, or landscaping can stir up dust and grime that settles on the windows. So, finish the other home improvement projects first, then schedule window cleaning services last.
  • Do Check the Weather: Look for a slightly overcast day when you are planning to clean the windows to avoid the task while the heat of the sun is beating down. Even if it’s been raining a lot lately, you still need window cleaning because the rain contributes to the dirty appearance of the windows.
  • Don’t Leave Hard Water Stains: Mineral deposits from hard water can be a hassle, and many homeowners don’t want to work to get rid of the deposits. Don’t procrastinate this part of window cleaning! Hire an expert window cleaning team to remove the deposits safely without damaging your windows.

Call the Temecula Window Cleaning Experts

At Pozitive Enterprises, we have many years of experience serving the community with quality window cleaning and exterior cleaning services. If it’s time to clean the windows in your business or home, reach out to us to learn more about available services. Contact us for a consultation. We offer professional window cleaning services, as well as solar panel cleaning, screen repair, and more: (951) 710-7044.