How Much Does Dirt Impact the Performance of Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Cleaning in TemeculaYou’ve invested in a solar panel system, which means that you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy for many years in the future. But just because the solar panels are installed doesn’t mean that your work is over. Most solar panels are low-maintenance, so they will continue working great with minimal care. However, there are still a few maintenance tasks that need to be addressed over the years.

For example, solar panel cleaning in Temecula is important to remove grime and particles that build up over time. When the surface of the panels is clean, it helps to maximize the amount of sunlight that can reach the solar arrays – giving you an optimal amount of energy.

How Much Does Dirt Impact the Performance of Solar Panels?

The potential loss of energy depends on how well the UV rays from the sun can reach the components within the solar panels. If there is a lot of filth on the surface of the panels, then the amount of light that can come through is reduced. Each situation varies, but energy loss could be as high as 20 – 25% because of dirt and buildup on the panels!

Clean panels will perform optimally because there is nothing blocking the way of the sunlight reaching the panels. When you consider the cost of energy loss, it’s easy to see why solar panel cleaning is a good investment. Additionally, regular cleaning can help to protect the panels from wear and tear, which might extend the lifespan of the solar panels.

Reasons Why Your Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned

In addition to energy efficiency, there are several other reasons why it makes sense to clean the solar panels regularly. For example, most solar panels come with a manufacturer’s warranty – but this warranty only applies if you keep up with cleaning and maintenance. If something goes wrong with the panels, you might be asked to produce documentation about the cleaning and servicing of the panels.

Also, assuming that rainwater cleans the solar panels is false. Think about the windshield of your car: yes, rainwater can help a little bit. But the car windows usually need to be cleaned more often when it’s raining a lot. Solar panels are the same.

Professional Services for Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula

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