How to Avoid Streaks When Cleaning Your Windows

We all want flawless clean windows, and you would think that would be an easy goal to obtain. Ironically, it is anything but simple! It seems that no matter what you do, or how hard you try, even the cleanest windows still display a few spots and streaks.

So what can you do to prevent streaks as you clean your windows?

Avoid ammonia and alcohol. Many popular brands of window cleaning solutions contain ammonia or alcohol. You might think these cleaning agents would do a good job at getting your windows clean, but both ammonia and alcohol tend to leave behind a thin film. This film attracts dust and moisture, which then leads to a spotty or streaky appearance on glass. Instead, just use a couple drops of dawn dish soap and a bottle of water. Works like a charm! Too much soap can leave a film as well. It doesn’t take much.

Don’t forget to rinse. Since cleaning solutions can leave behind a residue of their own, always remember to rinse windows after cleaning away spots and stains.

Avoid abrasive materials. We all know a little elbow grease is sometimes required to remove stubborn stains. But when you use abrasive materials, like steel wool or even razor blades on windows, you end up scratching the glass. These small scratches will now attract more dirt that is harder to remove, and the scratches themselves don’t look great, either. Your windows will also be more likely to break when they’ve been weakened this way.

Use lint-free cloths or sponges. Using the wrong cloth will leave lint clinging to the glass, and it will become nearly impossible to achieve the perfect spotless windows you hoped for. Make sure to use lint-free cloths or sponges when cleaning your windows.

Call a professional. The easiest way to achieve streak-free windows is to have them professionally cleaned. Save yourself hours of frustration and labor, and just call us instead. We’ve honed the art of window cleaning to a smooth science, so you’re left with perfect, sparkling windows every time.