How to Clean Your Window Screens

In our blog articles, we talk a lot about the importance and how-to of cleaning your windows. But what good is a sparkling clean window, if it is covered by a filthy screen? Obviously, you want to get both of them looking brand new.

Over time, a number of icky substances can build up on your window screens. Salt, dust, pollen, and other gunk will cause discoloration. The buildup of these substances also reduces the life of your window screens, and they become harder to clean over time. And of course, if you enjoy opening your windows to enjoy breathing fresh air, maybe it won’t be so fresh after all. So a big part of keeping your windows clean will involve cleaning the screens as well.

In order to get your screens truly clean, you will need to remove them. Prop them up somewhere outside, preferably in the sunlight.

Start by using a lint roller or vacuum attachment to remove cobwebs, insects, and other loose debris. Then, wash the screens gently. Use a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, or your garden hose if the pressure can be set to low. Avoid power washing your window screens, because they are delicate and easily damaged.

Now, simply allow your window screens to dry in the sunlight, and then reinstall them. While they are drying, this is the perfect time to clean the outsides of your windows, along with the inner tracks and other areas that are difficult to access when the screens are installed.

Of course, you have another option. While window cleaning in Temecula is certainly a task you can accomplish yourself, it can require an extensive amount of your time. Give us a call, and let us schedule the job for you. We will devote professional cleaning practices to your home’s windows and screens, so you can spend your time doing more enjoyable activities.