Maximizing Summer Sun: How Proper Cleaning Boosts Solar Panel Performance in the Peak Season

Direct sunlight on the solar panels is essential to generate the power you need for your home or business. The good news is that summer is ideal for maximizing your clean energy. In fact, experts in the solar industry refer to summer as the “peak” solar generation season.

The days are long during this time of year. With the proper maintenance, you can ensure that your solar panels get optimal exposure to generate the power you need to run the air conditioner and more.Maximizing Summer Sun How Proper Cleaning Boosts Solar Panel Performance in the Peak Season

How Cleaning Affects Solar Panels

Solar panels provide power for your home or office by converting the light from the sun into electricity that you can use. In order for this to happen, the sunlight needs to come in contact with the arrays within the solar panels.

When grime or dirt starts to build up on the surface of the panels, then it has an impact on the amount of light that each panel is absorbing. As a result, dirty solar panels aren’t as efficient as panels with clean surfaces.

When solar panels are cleaned, this service cleans debris, dust, leaves, bugs, and other contaminants that might affect efficiency.

Does Rain Clean Solar Panels?

If there is a lot of rain, does it mean you can skip solar panel cleaning? Sometimes rain can be helpful for washing away loose dust and debris. But there are times when rain can actually make the solar panels even dirtier. If there is dust in the air that mixes with the rain, then spots and dirt may be left behind on the surface of the solar panels.

So, don’t assume that your panels are clean after a rainstorm. The best solution is to schedule solar panel cleaning and inspection services at least once or twice a year. The beginning of summer is an ideal time to schedule these services to ensure that your panels are ready for the summer season.

The Best Way to Clean Solar Panels

There are two options for cleaning solar panels: a DIY approach or calling for professional services. If you are thinking about a DIY project, it’s crucial that you are aware of potential problems or issues that can arise.

The biggest mistake homeowners make is using the wrong techniques, resulting in damage to the solar panels. If you are using the wrong equipment or cleaning solution, then it might damage the system and even void your warranty.

Plus, solar panel cleaning can be dangerous, especially if you need to climb on the roof to reach the panels.

Instead of taking these risks, a better solution is to reach out to a professional solar panel cleaning company in Temecula. We can clean your panels and help you avoid possible damage to your clean energy system.

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