Repair Window Screens in an Outdoor Patio

In most families, there is a lot of foot traffic moving between the home and the outdoor patio. So whether you are hosting a summer barbeque outside or the kids are running back and forth as they play in the yard, a quality patio door is key to providing easy access.Repair Window Screens in an Outdoor Patio

Not only do you need a good quality door, but the screen makes it possible to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about mosquitos or bugs coming inside.

The problem is that screens can be damaged over time because of wear and tear, resulting in holes and crevices where pests can climb through. If your screens are damaged, it’s important to find someone to help with window screen repair in Temecula immediately. Then, you can enjoy the benefits of patio screens throughout the year.

Options for Window Screen Repair

Most of the time, window screens are damaged because there is a hole, tear, or gap in the mesh. This fabric is relatively fragile, making it prone to damage and ripping over the years. Here are a few methods to consider if your window screens need to be repaired:

  • Full Rescreening Services: The first option is to install brand-new window screens. This method is suggested if a lot of repair work is needed or the screens are damaged beyond repair. Full rescreening services give you a fresh start and can extend the lifespan of your windows. The drawback is that screen replacement is the most expensive option.
  • Screen Repair Patches or Tape: The next possibility is to repair the gaps with small patches that cover up the holes and gaps. This method allows you to address the damaged part without the need to replace the entire screen. Even though screen repair patches can be purchased at every home improvement store, hiring professional screen repair services is worth the investment to ensure the best results and appearance.
  • Screen Frame Repair: Additionally, it might be necessary to repair broken window frames. If the frame is bent or busted, then you need repair services. Most screen repair companies offer options for both mesh and frame repairs.

Call the Pros: Window Screen Repair and Cleaning in Temecula

Talk to our screen repair experts to decide whether you should invest in full rescreening or if it’s better to save money with smaller screen repair services. It depends on the extent of damage, your budget, and the long-term goals that you have for your windows and home.

At Pozitive Enterprises, we offer full-service solutions for window screen repair and cleaning services. If you would like to learn more, contact us at your convenience. We also offer professional window cleaning, as well as solar panel cleaning: (951) 710-7044.