Spring Means Pollen: Make Sure Solar Panels Stay Unobstructed

Pollen counts increase in spring because the flowers and trees are blooming. Not only do these increased pollen counts affect people with seasonal allergies, but they can also take a toll on your property. Pollen in the air can accumulate on the windows, solar panels, and exterior of your home or office.

How Pollen Affects Solar Panel Efficiency

Even though pollen might seem like a minor inconvenience, the truth is that it could be causing more significant issues than you realize. For example, it’s possible that pollen accumulation on the surface of your solar panels could be taking a toll on the efficiency of the panels.

When solar panels are dirty, you are losing out on maximum efficiency. The debris reduces the amount of sunlight that can enter the solar arrays. As a result, pollen, dust, or dirt accumulation means that your solar panels are not working at full capacity.

The actual energy loss depends on how dirty your solar panels are at any given moment. When you have a lot of pollen and dirt on the solar panels, it could result in as much as a 25% loss in energy production.

Even though rain can help to wash away some of the pollen, it’s wise to invest in solar panel cleaning in Temecula to maximize the performance and production of your panels.

Pro Tips: Maintenance and Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula

It makes sense that you want to maximize the performance and quality of your solar panels. So, ensure you prioritize maintenance and cleaning services for your system. Here are a few tips to consider that will affect energy production and efficiency:

  • Use Caution: If the solar panels require deep cleaning, be careful to avoid damaging the panels in the cleaning process. For example, abrasive cleaning solutions and sponges can cause streaks and scratches on the glass. So, only use equipment specifically designed for solar panel cleaning.
  • Safety Equipment: Not only do you need the right tools for solar panel cleaning, but you also need to consider safety factors. Most of the time, these panels are installed on the roof – which means there is a high risk of serious injury if someone falls. A pro team will bring proper safety equipment.

Solar panels are expensive to repair. It’s an excellent investment to bring in the experts to prevent serious damage or long-term issues with your solar panel system.

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