Is It Too Sunny for Professional Window Cleaning?

The difference is undeniable: residential window cleaning services are a great way to make your Temecula home look fabulous! Over time, even the best windows can start to look dingy because of the debris and dust that start to collect on the surface of the glass.

As a homeowner, it’s important to ensure you have window cleaning services on your regular maintenance to-do list. Many people want to protect their windows and maintain a beautiful home, so they schedule window cleaning services seasonally or semi-annually.Is It Too Sunny for Professional Window Cleaning

Why Regular Window Cleaning Matters

Not only does window cleaning make your home look nicer, but these services are also helpful for helping your windows last longer. When you are proactive about rinsing away the damaging grime, it can save you money in the long run because you reduce wear and tear over the months and years.

Window replacement can be expensive. So, savvy homeowners are proactive about caring for their windows to delay the need to replace the windows in the future.

How Often Do Windows Need to Be Cleaned?

When scheduling residential window cleaning in Temecula, consider how the time of year will affect the outcome of these services. You want the weather patterns to be in your favor to ensure top-notch results when the pros work on your home.

When is the best time to clean the windows? Many homeowners assume they should wait until there is visible dirt on the glass. But don’t let the grime reach this point where it blocks the sunlight and views through the glass.

As a general rule of thumb, residential window cleaning should be scheduled 1 – 2 times per year. Not only should you clean the windows, but you should also consider cleaning the window screens at least once a year.

Ideal Time of Year for Window Cleaning

Most window-washing professionals recommend that the job shouldn’t be done when the windows are in direct sunlight or on a very hot and sunny day. The sunshine and heat can cause the windows to dry too quickly, resulting in streaks and smears.

You want the cleanest finish, which means the best conditions are on a cloudy day without harsh sun or rain. This timing gives the lather more time to dry, so the team can finish cleaning the window without worrying about streaks.

Homeowners often schedule window cleaning services in the spring and fall because the optimal temperatures are between 60 – 70 Fahrenheit.

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