Beat the Heat: Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Summer Commercial Window Cleaning

Not only does commercial window cleaning positively impact the overall appearance of your building, but did you know that these professional services can also impact the energy efficiency of your office? Investing in services like window cleaning can be a step in the right direction if you are looking for solutions to trim maintenance and utility costs.Beat the Heat Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Summer Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows and Energy Efficiency

The Department of Energy has reported that windows make up 25 – 30% of heat gains and losses in a building. If it’s cool outside, then the heat generated by the HVAC system is lost through the windows. On the other hand, if it’s hot outside, the cool air from the HVAC system is lost through the windows.

Investing in good-quality windows makes a big difference in energy efficiency. Once these windows are in place, then it’s also important to keep up with maintenance so you can minimize wear and tear over time.

In fact, cleaning the windows can be an important step to protect the quality of your windows. Don’t let the buildup and grime damage your windows!

Other Tips for Energy Efficiency

In addition to reducing your utility bills, energy efficiency is also crucial so you have the peace of mind to know that you are reducing your carbon footprint. Here are a few other simple steps you can follow when you are working on energy efficiency improvements for your business or home:

  • Check Windows for Damage: One benefit of regular commercial window cleaning services in Temecula is that the experts can check your windows for damage. When you bring in a window cleaning team, ask them to inspect the windows and inform you if any visible damage needs to be corrected – such as missing caulking, cracks, or damaged weatherstripping.
  • Install Quality Screens: The quality of your screens is vital because it affects how you can adjust the indoor temperature when the weather is nice outside. For example, it’s refreshing to open the windows in the evenings to cool down the house instead of using the HVAC system. Good screens make it possible to open your windows any time without worrying about pests coming inside. Consider scheduling screen cleaning and repair services when you bring in a commercial window cleaning team.
  • Window Treatments and Blinds: Additionally, think about the ways you can add extra insulation with window treatments. These products can add another buffer when you close them at night, helping to reduce heat transfer through the windows.

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