Do Birds Build Nests in Solar Panel Gaps?

Solar panels are an excellent investment for your home or business. Not only does solar help to reduce your monthly utility expenses, but many people are looking for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. It feels great to create energy independence with solar installation for your property.

Solar Panels Attract Birds

One issue that might occur with solar panels is when birds or critters want to nest under the panels. These pests are looking for a place to shelter away from the weather elements, and under a solar panel can seem like a great location.

Another reason why solar panels attract birds is because of the reflective surfaces on the panels. The birds might be attracted to the surface, then find a place to nest under or around the panels.

Potential Solar Panel Damage from Birds

To understand how birds damage solar panels, you need to know how solar panels are connected to your home. Most systems have space between the roof and the panels. It’s necessary to leave a small gap for ventilation and wiring.

These panels cast a shadow and cover the roof, creating a place where small animals might seek shelter. The pests are looking for a place to avoid the rain, wind, and heat – and under a solar panel can be a great location.

Not only can the nests be a problem for solar panels, but birds often leave behind unwanted things such as droppings, broken eggs, debris, and more. As this stuff accumulates, it can impact airflow and cause the solar panels to overheat, affecting performance and longevity. Additionally, droppings on top of the panels have an immediate impact on reducing performance since the mess blocks the sun from reaching the arrays on the panels.

Additionally, these blockages on the roof can affect other related systems. For example, bird droppings can start to block gutters and cause roof damage. So, keeping birds away from solar panels is an important part of protecting your home.

Why Invest in Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula

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