How to Tell When Your Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned

It’s easy to see why solar panel installation is a great investment because this system offers clean energy for many years to come. Most solar panel systems require minimal maintenance. But a little bit of care each year can make a big difference in protecting the overall quality of the solar panel system and also optimizing the output of the solar panels.

Solar panel cleaning in Temecula is a great way to deliver optimal performance. Even though the panels are getting “rinsed” by the rain, it isn’t sufficient for keeping the panels clean. Over time, it’s common for dirt and grime to collect, which can take a toll on the system’s performance.

How Often Is Solar Panel Cleaning Required?

How to Tell When Solar Panels Need to Be CleanedMost experts recommend solar panel cleaning 1 – 2 times per year, but it depends on the weather patterns and local conditions. If there is a lot of rain, you might be able to wait a little longer between cleanings. But if the weather is dry and dusty, you will likely need to clean the solar panels more frequently.

Remember that rainwater leaves impurities on the glass surface of the solar panels. Additionally, other environmental factors can affect the panels, such as vegetation and pollen-producing plants in the area. As this buildup accumulates, it’s important to remove it in a timely manner to avoid damage to the panels. Cleaning the panels washes away anything that might be blocking the sun from reaching the technology within the solar panels.

Another factor that can impact the frequency of solar panel cleaning depends on unique elements that might be happening in the area. For example, solar panels should be cleaned more frequently if there are fires and smoke in the air.

The Ideal Time for Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep in mind that solar panels can get hot in the intensity of the summer sun. If you put cold water on the hot glass, then it increases the risk of cracking the glass.

So, many people choose to schedule their solar panel cleaning services in the spring or fall. Another option is to clean the solar panels in the summer but schedule the cleaning services first thing in the morning before the panels heat up in the afternoon sun.

Safe and Effective Solutions for Solar Panel Cleaning

While DIY is an option for solar panel cleaning, there are potential issues that can occur. If you don’t have the right equipment, it could result in a dangerous situation: either injury or damage to the panels. The best solution is to hire a professional team for assistance.

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