Increasing Solar Efficiency: How Clean Panels Benefit Homeowners and Businesses

It feels good to invest in solar panels because this system provides ongoing clean energy for your home or business. When you are making such a big investment in the building, then it’s important to ensure that the solar panel system is always performing optimally.

Even though most solar panels require minimal maintenance, you can enjoy benefits from regular solar panel cleaning in Temecula. Keeping the panels clean not only helps to reduce the risk of wear and tear, but you can also optimize the amount of sunshine that reaches the solar arrays.Increasing Solar Efficiency How Clean Panels Benefit Homeowners and Businesses

Why Solar Panels Need Cleaning

Is it really necessary to clean the solar panels? Yes! There are many reasons why your solar panels need to be cleaned. Not only can dirt and dust accumulate on the surface of the panels, but it’s also possible that other things are blocking the sun from reaching the panels.

For example, bird droppings or accumulated leaves can cover a portion of the solar panel, reducing the amount of sun being converted into energy each day. Add up the losses, and you will see that you can miss out on a lot of energy generation over time when the solar panels are dirty. Don’t let dirty solar panels have a negative impact on your system’s efficiency!

Signs Your Solar Panels Need Cleaning

How do you know when it’s time to clean the solar panels? Watch for these two signs:

  • Visible Grime: Take a look at your solar panels to see if you can find visible signs of dirt. You might see bird droppings or muddy streaks on the panels. If the panels are up high, these issues can sometimes be seen from the ground level. Otherwise, you might consider hiring a team to inspect the solar panels to determine if it is time to clean them.
  • Electric Bill: Watch your utility bills. If you see that your electricity cost is rising, it could be a sign that your system isn’t running efficiently. For example, you might have a $15 electricity bill after installing the panels. But if the bill is creeping up to nearly $25 or $30 per month, then you aren’t bringing in as much energy as before. Cleaning the solar panels might help.

We Can Help with Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula

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