5 Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are low maintenance and can last for decades on your roof. But just because they are low maintenance does not mean that you should not consider regularly cleaning the solar panels. If you want to maximize your solar energy investment, it is a good idea to professionally clean your solar panels with each season change.

Read on to learn why.

5 Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels

You may think that your solar panels get clean from the rain and wind, but the truth is that rain and wind can carry a lot of dirt and dust. And when all of that accumulates on the solar panels, they do not function at an optimal level. So here are some benefits of cleaning solar panels:

  1. Wash off the dirt that rain leaves behind. When it rains, the rain pours all over the solar panels. Have you ever looked out a window after the rain dries? It does not leave behind a perfectly clean surface. It leaves behind dirt. You can clean off the dirt to increase the performance of your solar panels.
  2. Increase efficiency of each panel. Solar panels absorb the energy from the sun and turn it into energy to use in your home. How much energy can the solar panels get from the sun if the sun has to make it through a film of dirt and grime? Clean your solar panels so that there is nothing in the way of how much solar energy each panel can accumulate.
  3. Inspect for leaves, bird’s nests, or damaged panels. When you have a cleaning crew up there on the roof to clean your solar panels, they can also inspect the panels for deficiencies. Not only will they clean off the film of dirt that comes from the weather. They will also wipe away any leaves that get stuck on the panels. And they will clear out any nests that animals are building around the area. In addition, having someone on-site to look at the panels can be beneficial in catching any disconnected wires or shattered solar panels. The last thing you want is to discover a damaged panel when you’ve gone months without the efficiency that you need from the solar energy system.
  4. Keep your warranty active. Many solar panel warranties require regular maintenance of the system.
  5. Prolong the life of your solar energy system. When the solar panels are regularly cleaned, they will perform to their greatest potential and last the longest possible time.

Don’t let dirt and debris break down your solar panels. Instead, get the most out of your investment by regularly cleaning the panels and making sure they perform to their best abilities.

At Pozitive Enterprises, we’re here to increase the life of your solar panels on your home or business. You don’t have to climb up on the roof when you can hire a trusted team to take care of it. Contact us to learn about professional solar panel cleaning in Temecula.