Extend the Life of Residential Windows with Regular Window Cleaning

A significant investment like new windows can make you wonder, what can you be doing to protect your investment and get the most out of it? Whether you have just replaced all the windows on your home or have aging windows, regular cleaning is an important piece of window maintenance.

Of course, shiny and sparkling windows are beautiful and inviting. But they also help your windows last longer. Read on to learn more.

Why You Should Routinely Clean Your Windows

The task of cleaning the windows can easily get forgotten in the same way that cleaning behind the fridge or sweeping out the garage gets put on the back burner. But you will be shocked to realize how the buildup on windows can decrease the life of the window.

Once you understand how expensive it is to replace even just one window, you will see how valuable it is to sign up to clean your windows regularly. Here are some reasons to clean your windows:

  1. Debris and Dirt Weaken the Glass Pane: When dirt and debris accumulate on your windows, tiny movements can cause etching in the glass. Over time, those scrapes across the glass weaken the window and make it more susceptible to shattering from something as simple as a gust of wind. Prolong the life of your windows by clearing away the dirt and debris often and using soft cloths and cleaning materials to do so.
  2. Increased Energy Efficiency: Consider the seal of your window. If there is debris getting into the tracks of the window and causing misshaping to your seals, the windows will no longer perform to their fullest. In addition, if the seal is not in tip-top shape, the windows will let in more outside air, forcing your HVAC system to work even harder in the summer and winter months. Consequently, your energy bill will be much higher if your windows do not receive a regular, thorough cleaning.
  3. Wash Away Harsh Substances: Hard water, acid rain, and other chemicals from the outside can accumulate on your windows, bringing danger and toxicity to your property. Each time you clean your windows, you are washing away those chemicals.

If you worry about getting up on a ladder or cannot fit window washing into your cleaning schedule, contact professionals who will get the job done right. You know that you will get the most benefits from an experienced team that will ensure your windows get the best treatment possible.

At Pozitive Enterprises, we’re here to increase the life of the windows in your home or business. Contact us to learn about professional screen repair and residential window cleaning in Temecula.