5 Reasons Why Window Screen Maintenance Is Vital

5 Reasons Why Window Screen Maintenance Is VitalMany property owners understand the importance of cleaning windows regularly. But do you clean the window screens each time you clean your windows? Do you know you should be cleaning screens in addition to cleaning the windows?

You may not be aware of how important it is to clean and maintain screens. Screens in good condition will increase the life of your windows and add curb appeal to your home. Have you ever seen a house with broken, bent screens? Or what about opening your window to get airflow to notice a screen that has a hole that gets bigger and bigger each time you look at it. How many bugs are getting through now?

5 Reasons to Clean and Repair Screens

Instead of allowing a tiny hole in your window screen to get bigger and bigger, take care of the problem right away. You will notice many benefits that come from having well-maintained screens.

  1. Protection Against Bugs and Small Pests: You don’t have to worry about flies, mosquitos, lizards, and other summer bugs getting inside your home when your screens are in good condition. Did you know that screens are more likely to tear and get holes when they are dirty? This is because the debris gets caked on, and one snag can break a hole into the screen. Regularly cleaning the screens will keep them from accumulating holes over time.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Your screens will do what they do best when they are clean and free of any obstructions. If you want to open the windows to cool down your home without using air conditioning, the air will spread through your home the quickest when your window screens are clean.
  3. Better Quality of Air: If you think of the screens as filters to the outside air, what would you do if your air conditioner filters were dirty? You would clean them or change them out for new filters so that you do not spread dust and allergens throughout your home. The same goes for window screens. When they are dirty, the dirt blows through your home as the wind blows. Clean your screens to ensure that the air quality in your home remains fresh and clean.
  4. Cleaner Windows: The windows will stay clean and last longer when the screens are clean.
  5. Safety and Protection: Screens can keep windows from breaking. If a branch were to hit the window during a storm, the screen acts as a cushion, keeping the window from shattering on impact.

The next time you get your windows cleaned, do not forget to clean your screens as well. Then you can reap all the benefits of shiny clean windows and screens.

Our team at Pozitive Enterprises can help you with your window cleaning and screen maintenance. You don’t have to do it all yourself when you have a trusted company at your disposal. Contact us to learn about professional window cleaning and screen repair in the Temecula Valley.