Window Screens or No Window Screens When Selling a House

The to-do list seems to be never-ending when you are preparing to sell a home. There is a lot of preparation work that needs to happen, so you are ready to maximize the selling price of your property. In addition, most homeowners will walk through every room in the house to find the areas that need repair or replacement – and these tasks should happen before bringing in a photographer for the listing photos.

Home buyers don’t want a property that requires a lot of repairs and updating. So, a little bit of proactive work right now can go a long way to make it an attractive, move-in-ready home.Window Screens or No Window Screens When Selling a House

Window Screens Affect Your Home Aesthetics

One factor that will affect the overall appearance of your home is the quality of the screens that are installed. The state of these window screens will impact first impressions, either for your benefit or detriment.

Not only do you need to have screens installed, but make sure they are clean and free of damage. Updated screens show that you care about the property, and they contribute to the visual appeal.

As you are staging your property, the state of the window screens is an important factor to consider. Take a look at the screens and decide if you need to hire professional window screen cleaning and/or window screen repair in Temecula.

No Need to Replace Damaged Screens

When many of the screens are damaged, you might jump to the conclusion that you need to buy new screens to install. While it is an option to replace all of the screens, it might be an unnecessary cost. An alternative option is to hire a screen repair team. This process can help you achieve the same results with a lower price tag.

Screen cleaning and repair services are much more affordable compared to full replacement services. You can make your home look better while also saving your home improvement budget for more important tasks that need to be addressed.

Personalized Recommendations for Your Screens

When you call our team at Pozitive Enterprises, we take the time to inspect the screens and offer personalized recommendations for your home. Not only are we working to improve the overall quality and appearance of your property, but good screens can also impact the function of your windows at the same time.

It can be a hassle to clean and repair screens as a DIY project. Instead of spending your limited time on these tasks, hire screen cleaning pros so you can focus your efforts somewhere else. The result: your home will look great, and you will be ready to list it on the real estate market.

Contact us at Pozitive Enterprises when you are ready to learn more about available services. In addition to screen cleaning and screen repair, we also offer professional window cleaning and solar panel cleaning. Call today: (951) 710-7044.