Add a Layer of Safety by Installing Screens on Each Window

Is it really necessary to put screens on your windows? Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t prioritize screens – these features seem like an “extra,” especially when you already have good quality windows in place.

The truth is that screens are critical for maintaining the curb appeal of your home. Plus, good screens are essential for safety and comfort inside your living space. Whether you are currently living in a home without screens or you want to upgrade your screens that are worn out, our team at Pozitive Enterprises is here to help.

Screen installation in Temecula

Benefits of Door and Window Screens

Here are a few reasons why every homeowner should invest in quality door and window screens:

  • Protection: Adding screens to the window creates another layer of protection for your family. Even though screens don’t feel like much, they add one more line to protect your loved ones from the outdoor world. For example, it’s an additional obstacle a burglar needs to get through. Also, the screen can protect your glass if a ball flies at the window.
  • Fresh Air: If you like to open the windows and enjoy fresh air in your home, then screens are mandatory. These features allow you to keep the windows open without worrying about things like bugs and other pests coming inside. Plus, screens act as a filter to keep airborne things from coming into the house.
  • Window Cleaning: Screens help collect bits of debris, which minimizes the particles building up on the glass. It’s easy to remove the screen and clean it regularly, helping to spread out the timeline that the windows need to be cleaned.
  • Financial Savings: Even though there is an upfront cost for screen installation, the savings can add up over time. Screens can impact property value. Plus, screens can affect your utility bills since you can open the windows at night instead of turning on the air conditioner.

Screen Repair and Screen Installation in Temecula

Just because your current screens look shabby doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend money on brand new screens. One option is to invest in screen repair services to extend the current life of your screens.

The best solution is to call our expert team for more information. We’ll inspect your current screens and help you decide if cleaning and repair services are sufficient to get your screens and windows into good condition once again.

Our pro team at Pozitive Enterprises is here to help with anything you need. Our goal is to make your home look good and extend the life of the windows at the same time. We offer both residential and business screen installation in Temecula. Contact us to book a consultation and get a free estimate for the screen cleaning and repair services available. We also offer window and solar panel cleaning in Temecula: (951) 710-7044.