How Often Should Solar Panels Be Professionally Cleaned?

You were smart to make the investment for your home or office: solar panel installation has an undeniable impact on reducing monthly spending on utility bills. Once these solar panels are in place, you can do a few things to ensure they are functioning optimally in the coming years. Solar panel cleaning is one task that shouldn’t fall on the back burner.

Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Necessary?

Most homeowners don’t realize how quickly solar panels can build up dust and grime. These panels are outside, which means they are exposed to all the weather conditions moving through the area: wind, rain, sun, and more.

These panels can get dirty very quickly. When dirt is building up, it reduces the solar panels’ performance. The sunlight isn’t able to get to the inner areas of the panels where energy is gathered for your home. The best solar panel function happens when there are no obstructions between the glass panel and the sun.

Cleaning the solar panel removes things like bird droppings, grime, dirt, and dust that accumulate over the months and years. Regular cleaning is a great way to reduce the likelihood of your panels losing efficiency.

Best Timing for Cleaning Solar Panels

There are many different opinions about how often solar panels need to be cleaned. Most experts agree that the panels should be cleaned about every six months. But some people feel like annual cleaning is sufficient, while there are times when it might make sense to clean the panels more frequently.

Instead of checking on your solar panels to see if they need cleaning, a better solution is to mark your calendar. Cleaning twice a year is a great way to stay ahead of the grime and keep your solar panels in top-notch condition all year. So, for example, you might consider scheduling a cleaning at the start of spring and again at the beginning of the fall season.

DIY Vs. Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

While there are tutorials online showing you how to complete a DIY solar panel cleaning project, consider the risks you are taking. Not only is it dangerous to get on the roof to clean these panels, but you could also damage your equipment if you aren’t using the proper cleaning techniques and products.

The best solution to keep your solar panels in good condition is to hire our professionals for your solar panel cleaning in Temecula. Our team will come to your home and wash the panels safely, helping to reduce the risk of damage to your expensive investment.

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