Removing Stray Paint From Windows

One of the quickest ways to freshen up a room is to repaint the trim around windows. They instantly look brighter, and the contrast with darker walls adds a pop of color. But most of us are not professional painters, and sometimes kids like to “help”. The end result is that more than a little bit of paint ends up on your windows, and now you need to clean it off. But how?

First, do NOT scrape or scrub at dry glass. You can leave scratch marks, and damage the glass (which will attract more dust and dirt in the future). Always use a lubricating solution before cleaning paint off of your windows. Some homemade solutions containing water and dish washing liquid can be effective on stray paint marks. Or, you can purchase an actual glass cleaner that is designed to remove paint and similar problems from glass.

After applying lubricant, you can use a metal or plastic paint scraper to gently nudge at those paint marks. Hold the blade at a 45 degree angle to the glass at all times, and push toward the frame of the window. However, take care not to push the blade underneath the gaskets, or you run the risk of unsealing your windows. Finally, never scrape the blade back and forth across the glass. Make long strokes in one direction only, lifting it and starting over after each pass.

If you discover that stubborn paint stains just won’t budge, resist the urge to scrub harder and harder, or to try one harsh product after another. Call the professionals instead. We can help you assess your situation and remove stubborn stray paint marks, without damaging the glass permanently.

In the future, remember that taping off your windows before painting the trim will require a bit of time and precision, but it can save you a lot of elbow grease in the end.